"As Lonely as Domdaniel one plus one"
_ as performed in Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin in 2001
choreography, training, text, structures: Ursula Mawson-Raffalt
audio visual installation: Anthony J. Faulder-Mawson
performance: Ursula Mawson-Raffalt

......"one plus one"

After the success of the performance series of "......._one" in Ballhaus, Naunynstrasse, this, the second iteration of the work was an expansion and an elaboration. We commissioned a video student, Maxim Wolfram, to help with the recording of a video loop for multiple projections to be achieved through a battery of monitors (five units) suspended above the stage.

at the same time we commissioned a photographer to make 5 photographs of the work to be used as installation elements in the foyer and stairwell, but due to contractual difficulties, that work was never delivered and therefore never used.

Tacheles was established through the occupation of a derelict department store by a group of sculptors and musicians after the fall of the Berlin wall. The bulding had the distinction of being the first example of a pre-cast concrete construction in europe, built in the twenties. It was turned into an arts centre with money from the "berliner senat".

It was a very dusty, cold and difficult space to "tame", especially from the perspective of this "quiet and gentle work" being covered on every available surface with (not very pleasant or even particularly well made) graffiti.

As far as the installation was concerned, it was intended that the overly busy wall space be "ordered" by the strategic placement of pure geometry in the form of rectangles of white paper placed at focal points of the architecture of the place. They in turn would be the bearers of photographic and graphic works and the reflectors for the light as a means of enticing the public into what was otherwise a very darkly gothic and forbidding space.

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