"l.i.k.e.w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g.p.a.i.n.t.d.r.y._nalepa strasse " _
  performed in the former DDR Radio Centre, Berlin in 2002-3
choreography, training, text, structures:
Ursula Raffalt
Anthony J. Faulder-Mawson

"like watching paint dry" conceived for 26 chairs from A to Z was performed regularly in the 150 metre 5th floor corridor in the former DDR Radio centre in Berlin for almost two years.

As the building was listed we could not put nails in the walls and so paintings and installation elements, ephemeral sculptural objects etc were arranged according to chance generated structures on the floor.

The installation was built using paintings, local stones, sand & pigment, 26 lilies, 250 tea lights and a number of large votive candles

The only light, which had to be augmented by the candles, was from 47 strip lights coloured using theatre gels.

26 tickets were printed for each showing, each with one letter of the alphabet. The 26 seats were also marked randomly with a letter. The people chose a letter when they arrived and spent the first 20 minutes wandering through the installation "searching" for their seat, enabling them to experience the visual works whilst listening to an old East German rendering of "The Emperors New Clothes".

Entrance was free but the audience were asked to pay the cost price of a programme and were invited to make donations after the show when they were also invited to join us for a glass of wine in the "conference room", where the discussions occasionally lasted right through until dawn.

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