_ performed in project arts centre in 2005
concept choreography, training, text, structures:
Ursula Raffalt
Concept& Realisation: Audiovisual Installation:
Anthony J. Faulder-Mawson
Ursula Mawson-Raffalt

Thanks to our 4 star review in the Irish Times for our presentation in the Fringe we were invited to present Like Watching Paint Dry at Project Arts Centre in the space downstairs. .

The installation, made with gaffer tape and white paper squares and screens was supplemented by candles and the whole floor space was used as the stage, with the audience sitting around the periphery on three sides.

Due to the fact that ) UM_R worked blindfold throughout this piece, the light remained fairly static, only "breathing" very gently. The only changing light being from the constantly evolving "light painting" that provided the backdrop and the flickering of the candles.

I don't think that anyone in the house expected that we would attract much attention but they were astonished that the wave of interest generated by our self-made publicity material (posters and flyers) and by the fact that we invited people who were passing to come in to observe the process of transformation of the space, caused people to come one day and then come again the next bringing others with them so that we sold out every night!!

Finally we supplemented the work by making a one-off lecture demonstration wherein we read our critical texts and introductory texts to our work. This was also fully booked out.

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