"8 variations on a diagonal_knit 2 purl 1" _   performed in The Dock, Carrick on Shannon in 2008
choreography, training, text, structures:
Ursula Raffalt
Audio Visual Installation:
Anthony J. Faulder-Mawson
performance: Ursula Mawson-Raffalt

"8 variations on a diagonal_knit one" was a project commissioned by the Donegal Arts Office in co-operation with the Arts Council.

It was intended for an unspecified number of performers and started as a quartet in Ballyshannon (The Abbey Centre) and Sligo Town (The Hawkswell Theatre)

When we proposed to take the work further _ to Dublin (Project Arts Centre)and Carrick (The Dock) where we already were booked, to our surprise as the performances had been very well received, the Donegal Arts Office would not contribute further so we decided to continue with the work as a solo

The Theatre in the Dock, in Carrick on Shannon, is a very small but flexible intimate space and so it was a joy to build the work there

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