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Chance organised systems: 1990 -

In 1968 I was very fortunate in finding a copy of "Silence" by John Cage in a second hand book shop _ lucky because the book had only been fairly recently published! _ after reading through it a few times I felt that I had permission to think that it would be possible to organise a situation whereby Leonardo could shake hands with Van Gogh, technically, through the use of chance systems and a comprehensive knowledge/understanding of the history of painting technique.

Unfortunately there was little enthusiasm for such an approach and so I decided to go it alone and start with the development of the theory whilst at the same time practically learning technique by doing _ I copied the old masters and later made works "after" the main developers of technique in later days

By the mid seventies I was "ready" for college _ I did a pre BA in Salisbury followed after a couple of years of trying, by a BA at Farnham. However, there was no-one amongst the staff with enough knowledge of painting technique to be of any help and so I went first to the library and read Vasari and any other references I could find whilst continuing with "doing"

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