Deep Sea_Deep SpaceGalway University _ 2012

Deep Sea _ Deep Space

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This work was made on commission from the Irish branch of the international science project "Sea 2 Sky" _

This was an exploration of the wonders to be found and seen in the deeps of both ocean and space and about how those explorations can contribute to our understanding of how the universe functions thereby providing us with some of the tools with which we can better work with nature

The work was constructed from a collection of still images, digitally manipulated to provide depth and texture, layered with video footage of gently moving water on the sea-shore to provide a very slow moving journey from the depths of the ocean to the farthest reaches of space. The transitions between the various phases of this journey are marked by the reiteration of a clip of a blue whale's tail breaching taken (with many thanks) from David Attenboroughs very beautiful "Blue Planet".

I regard the construction of this work as being akin to the making of a painting or a piece of music and I approach it as such. The moving image, the water, provides the "basso-continuo" or the ground that unifies all of the elements and provides a platform for them to appear and disappear in their turn and for their time.

I take a very similar approach to the construction of the audio part of the piece. This uses water sounds and marine animals voices as the continuo which very gradually breaks down into distant crackling and squeaks.

I use chance as an organising principle in the construction of both layers and the whole is structured using a binary row provided by the title

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