presented at "The Dublin Fringe Festival" in 2004  
Irish Times 4*Review
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Concept, Choreography, Training, Text, Voice, Structures:
Ursula Mawson-Raffalt
Concept, Light, Sound, Realisation, Exhibition/Installation:
Anthony J. Faulder-Mawson
Ursula Mawson-Raffalt

) + ( = aO were invited, in 2004, to present
"like watching paint dry" at the Dublin Fringe festival in the basement of Arthouse.

The design was built on photographs of a white space, but, just before we were to leave Berlin, we were informed that the room had been painted black!! necessitating a quick decision to work with the negatives of the drawings!

In some ways, despite the drawbacks, the space was perfectly suited to this delicate still quiet and intimate presentation of this gentle and nourishing work which was awarded 4 stars by the critic of the Irish Times (see link above).

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