Anthony J. Faulder-Mawson, 1949 -
Artistic Director _ Visual Art   ) + ( = a0

spent more than 30 years inventing and developing NEW METHODS for use with chance organised systems

constructs multi-layered "TEXTURE ENVIRONMENTS" wherein the focus unfolds outwards from its centre (painting) to embrace all the other creative disciplines, applying the same (chance) systems to the making of:

painting: light-painting etc etc etc

invented (1993) and developed a new method for texturing light using profile theatre lamps and glass gobos for use in all contexts

the constants, time and space, are continuously redefined by the use of chance as an organising principle and the use of systems that are constantly interlinked by and rooted in the underlying structures of the painting process

paintings, light objects, letters and numbers and further textural components made from very simple materials like bricks, stones, tiles, flowers, sand and pigment form the embodiment of an "organic sensual and visual world"

a microcosm of satellites is strongly linked to a "quiet virtual world" of (light) projections, which function as multipliers and generators, parallel to the documentation of the process of the construction of the work.

PAINTING_installation; SOUND_painting; FORM_painting; SPACE_painting; LIGHT_painting;
and the development of similar structures for stage and light design