Ursula Mawson-Raffalt, 1964, (A) artist_writer / choreographer
Artistic Director_Performance Art   ) + ( = a0

invented and developed the "FOCUS-POINT TECHNIQUE"1989, a composition and training method for body, voice and spatial organisation

aims to (re)establish dance as a major artform

Since 1989, writes, composes, directs, constructs & choreographs works for space_sound_word pictures_dance, entitled"CHAMBERWORKS" or "PERFORMANCE_INSTALLATION"

writes and performs texts in the form of LYRICAL PROSE and MONOLOGUES in both english and german which are also conceptually integrated as fundamental elements for the construction of the composition and the sound carpet

studied Dance at the conservatory in Vienna  at SNDO in Amsterdam  and at the Academy of the Arts/EDDC in Arnhem

"chamberworks" the title which the artist gives her work represents also the "Leitmotiv" of her work and through the context of private performance (chamberworks) its significance is effectively doubled. Emphasis is given to the intimacy of locus, artist / performer and audience. Within this frame a slow, silent, but vital affinity with history in terms of “space and time” begins manifested as a form of (art) happening.

"..... their unique qualities, having once been placed in space, can only be delicately teased out through a deep inner dialogue with and through the accumulation of "time and space constants".

The artist_performer listens to the words of the "Inner" and the "Outer", and then the "ALL" is expressed through "the One and the Multiple" where "innumerable fields of innumerable images" reveal themselves to become approachable for both herself and the audience.....".