"Dawn" _ performed in the Negev Desert and in the studio
("Negev") in Mitzpe Ramon in Israel in 1994
concept, choreography, training, text, structures:

Ursula Mawson-Raffalt
performance: U_MR students from TuT Hannover

"It was with the work in the Negev that I was finally able to see the astonishing power of the "Focus-Point Technique" as a compositional tool.

Up to this time the development was more theoretical as I had had few opportunities for deep practical work.

When it came to distilling the material developed in the infinite down to a form that fitted the finite space of a studio or theatre, "Focus Point" proved to be very powerful force indeed, allowing me to move on to the next stage in its development."

) uM_R
    from an interview on her "Focus-Point"technique
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