"BonjourBuch III Triologue II" _
performed at the "Mittendrinnisage" in Kuenstlerhof Buch, Berlin in 1999
choreography, training, text, structures: Ursula Mawson-Raffalt
Exhibition/Installation: Anthony J. Faulder-Mawson

The performance work, "Triologue II" , was commissioned by the Academy of the Arts, Berlin to be presented at "Klangperformale" _ an open-studio day which took place half way through the run of the exhibition "B.o.n.j.o.u.r.Buch III"

It took place in the Gallery at Kuenstlerhof Buch, Berlin and as it was almost exactly half way through the exhibition run we invented the concept of a "Mittendrinnisage" (a vernisage half way through :) to feature a choreographic work built by Ursula Mawson-Raffalt. using the floor layout design ( the letters b.o.n.j.o.u.r.b.u.c.h. scattered on the floor using chance driven positioning and orientation methods and chance selected fonts and letter heights).

The choreography was constructed as a performative journey through the various elements of the exhibition for which a layer of music was added to the sound carpet of natural sounds and manipulated texts as a driver.

The visitors were invited to wander freely in and out of the gallery during the performance which was looped repeatedly for the whole day with short intervals. At some stages in the day, the performance was so seamlessly integrated that the public would wander through without noticing that they were part of a moving and changing environment.

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