( ajfm _ ephemera

I began to classify works as ephemera whenever it became necessary to invent a work that could incorporate difficult objects in the space (an ugly radiator was wrapped in canvas "bonjour M Christo", or a safe in the wall to which was added a black vinyl X "Safe X", etc) rather than taking the easy way of simply removing them or hiding them.

This definition ultimately needed to be expanded as the inevitable happened and the scope of the work broadened and sometimes the very nature of the installation required the use of many blank canvases and/or paper rectangles. It now includes performance installations of light, light-painting, video and floorworks; works using blanks that highlight architectural features to lead the eye around the space; video and lightworks that "disappear" when they are switched off; and works that are constructed using locally "found" objects such as stones, or shells (combined with pigment and fabric etc); floral works; works using candlelight; etc.

This list will inevitably keep growing along with the "organic" method that drives it, the

"chance driven systems of ( ajF_M"

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